Cedric Jacquet was born in 1968, graduated as an MBA then started a career in Information Technology. His passion for photography only really started during a 6-month trip from Zanzibar to Cape Town, back in 1993. Despite wanting to establish themselves in Namibia, Cedric and his girlfriend Elyane returned to Belgium, got married, and resumed their jobs (IT consultant).

But a few years later their passion for photography prooved stronger, and they both became professional free-lance photographers in 2003.
While Elyane favored portrait and travel photography, Cedric preferred nature and wildlife photography. A complementarity that is a real asset, as it enables them to offer comprehensive coverages of their destinations. After replacing their old Land Rover with an expedition truck, they have now started a series of trips to Southern Africa.

Paradoxically, Cedric's favorite subjects are waterbirds, and deserts ; his favorite 'hunting grounds': shores, river deltas & lakes in most of Europe, as well as in Africa, central and South America.
He has won many prizes at international photography awards in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Author of the book "C'est Beau Près De Chez Vous", his work has been published in many countries, and is distributed by picture agencies in Europe, Asia and America.

Finally, Cedric has lectured on photography at the Royal Academy of Arts of Antwerp, at the Natural History Museum in London, ... He also occasionally works with Adobe on photo-editing software development.